Home Improvements?
Planning a modification to the exterior of your home?
This can include anything from re-painting, sheds, patios, landscaping, antennas/satellite dishes, security systems, fountains, fences and more.
In an effort to maintain the attractiveness, quality and care of the houses in our neighborhood, your investment. The Liberty Ridge Architecture Control Committee (ACC) has established a set of guidelines to help our community maintain a home modification standard. 
Also, we suggest that you review the City of Renton Single Family Permit Standards specifically the design standards which will inform you of city building codes.
For all exterior home improvement projects please complete a ACC Improvement Request Form follow the instructions and submit a completed form for review and approval.
Your application must include the following:
  • A completed application form
  • Comprehensive list of materials, plans, colors and description of process
  • Builder/contractor information
  • Diagrams of modification, including exact project measurements and exact location on block (including measurements) 
  • Neighbor signatures
  • Timeline and projected start/end dates
  • Any further documentation that will help the ACC Committee better understand your request, photo's, quotes, plans.. etc, all help.
It is much better to ask before you do the project.  If the project violates community standards, then the community may have the right to have the project re-done, at your expense, to conform to the community standards.
Still have a question? you can contact us directly, check out the HOA CC&R's or visit the FAQ's listed in the menu for more information. 
Please note, while the ACC approves applications, it is up to the owner to check with local city building regulations and code to ensure work meets city requirements.